Friday, August 4, 2017


A Look Inside

     One of the Churches in Ulaanbaatar is called Torch. This church was started by Handong Alumni. Handong Global University is a Christian college in South Korea where David Beckett served as a pastor, chaplain, and professor. It was there that David fell in love with the Mongolian people.
     This Church is small, but its members certainly love God. Since their pastor returned to the U.S. to be with family, Torch has been shepherdless for a year and yet she holds fast.
"The Broken Road": Pastor David Beckett preaches as a guest
speaker at Torch Church. He addresses the views of suffering.
Nomin Tsedensodnom (GSM National Director) translates
for David. Photo by Eva Beckett
     On July 23, David with the summer mission team attended Torch. It felt somewhat like the early Church. They met in a conference room of a small hotel.
     After worship, David got up and preached. He touched on a couple difficulties Christians face. “How do you want to define your life?” he asked. Depending on one’s definition, suffering is viewed differently.
      He explained how God breaks us like a farmer breaks the ground to plant a seed so that it might grow into life. David said, “Our brokenness becomes life. Our barrenness becomes God’s fruit. That is a life worth living.”
     Towards the end of the sermon, there was a time of personal prayer. He asked the congregation to bring their brokenness to God. To close the message, David read Colossians 1:9-14 as a blessing over them.
"Oh Come to the Altar"Torch women
pray to God during the time David set
aside in the service. Photo by Eva Beckett
      Then, the Church gave the offering. Afterwards, they had “sharing time”. This is when people tell of important things happening in their lives and the Church.
     One family explained how they will move to Switzerland in two months for the father, Dulguun (who leads Torch worship), to attend a Bible school and study how to be a worship leader. He, his wife (Zula), and infant son need prayer for a smooth transition.
     Two other people shared about an international mission trip happening. A Mongolian-Korean team of 32 (some of which are Torch members) journey on the Silk Road from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to Istanbul, Turkey.
     They have stopped in Ulan Ude, Buryat Republic, and Tatarstan. At those stops, they did outreach in the cities and visited churches. In Istanbul, a vision conference for the world mission (Great Commission) will be held (not sure if it has already been held).
     Christians from central Asia, Middle East, and north Africa will all be in attendance, totaling a thousand young men and women. After the conference, they will scatter to different nations to evangelize, just like the Great Commission. This group also needs prayer for strength, protection, and the Spirit to go with them (not sure if this has already happened).
Words of the People: Towards the end
of the service, Zula (wife of Dulguun)
volunteers and leads members in prayer.
Photo by Eva Beckett
     It is amazing that this Church is participating. Though they are small and undergo hardship, they still send out missionaries like our Savior commanded.
     When those two people finished sharing, the congregation sang a blessing song over the newcomer (John Frye). Then they got up and shook his hand. That closed the service.
     Fellowship commenced afterwards. There were snacks and drinks. The members talked and enjoyed one another’s friendship. This close bond is heart warming. Torch is truly a strong, resilient, and loving Church.
Every Tongue Shall Confess: Torch reads the Word, whether on paper or
screen. Photo by Eva Beckett
Music, God's Heavenly Gift: At
David's request, Dulguun plays the
guitar during the personal prayer
time. Photo by Eva Beckett

Our Brothers and Sisters: Torch members gather for church. Photo by
Eva Beckett

Great Commission: A torch member
gives a brief description of the Silk
Road mission trip. She participated in a
portion of it. Photo by Eva Beckett

Christian Fellowship: Zula and another Torch member converse after
service. Photo by Eva Beckett

Monday, July 31, 2017

Spiritual Yearning: Moloroo and her daughter Ujin at the Crossing. Moloroo said she is excited for the Crossing because she can have some spiritual time. Photo by Eva Beckett

Little Lungs

Please pray for little Ujin who has been suffering from episodes of pneumonia for several months. She has had pneumonia four times in 2017. Her mother Moloroo and father Naraa say it is very difficult for her to breath. Ulaanbaatar's pollution does not help. Moloroo and Nara are Torch church members.

Things to pray for:
1. The LORD's healing for Ujin
2. The doctors are able to help and give good advice and practice
3. Moloroo and Naraa to have strength, peace of God, and perseverance